The existence of this page does not imply my availability — I leave this page up as a constant exercise to describe myself over time. Please reach out if you’re interested!

hello 👋🏼

I’m a software engineer primarily working on cloud applications and infrastructure. I have experiences in refactoring Ruby projects for performance and building test infrastructure for Kubernetes products. Specifically, I am interested in the human component of our computer system.

I would like to work with empathetic people who value sustainability (and therefore slack) of an organization. In a world obsessed with uptime, our industry often forgets to leave breathing room for humans to live.

A good friend and former colleague once said that I am a closeted Product Manager, but I personally like to think that I’m more of a T-shaped engineer — I have decent idea of how things work across the stack, while my extensive expertise is on building and operating (capital-S) Systems.

working with me

My activity in the recent years has been around open-source product and community. As such, I find asynchronous communication by default to be preferable. Not only it removes the “meetings which could have been emails”, but also encourages more thoughtful writing and reading.

Having said that, I’m a proponent of paired programming. Pairing taught me to be more articulate in my ideas and more receptive of criticisms. Sandi Metz said that our industry is insufficiently persuasive, and pairing is a wonderful way to nurture those skills in an organization, IMHO. Not to say that we should pair program all the time, but there is value in doing it and making it acceptable to be done effectively in your organization.

let’s talk ruby

I have hosted several sessions on Ruby at workplace, particularly for ramping up engineers with no Ruby experience to an established Ruby project. I led design, implementation, and eventually roll out of Ruby performance initiatives which sped up code execution by 60%. I like to have fun when I write Ruby.

ship the containers

In open-source, I contributed to Kubernetes to migrate the last container image to Distroless, removing false positive CVE signals from image scanners. I also worked on Kubernetes release team in several release cycles to compile release notes as well as maintaining the tooling for it.

version-control everything

My personal development setup is on NixOS and only for the reason that machine setup can be version-controlled. I’m glad to maintain a consistent experience across several machines with ease. I also do my best to create Git-oriented workflow for my projects, that deploys run on Continuous Integration (CI) server instead of my computer, because I want to leave breadcrumbs for future self.

For the record, I would love to have a job interview where I would bring a project and talk about it as an assessment of my literacy and cooperativeness.

have some fun

I like to think of software development like cooking, inspired by this blog by Robin Sloan. I happen to be quite good that someone pays me to do it, but I also like to do it for myself. I build silly things as an equivalent of “making cookies for the house today” — because it’s fun!