Wilson E. Husin

December 2022

December 3, 2022 (UTC)

Went car-free a few months back. Quite happy not having to worry about its periodic tax and insurance.

Finished converting a gravel bike into an e-bike. This replaces my other e-bike from 2019 which served me well for a while, but the range is lacking for my needs these days.

Building a NAS server1 after finding a deal for 18 Terabytes disks. Going to be repurposing my rarely used gaming computer for it. Excited about finally consolidating my digital archives which has been all over the place.

Learning to smoke meats! It has been fun little thing to do — takes a few hours or days in total, but mostly unattended. The best part is that I would have cooked base ingredients in the fridge and I can get creative on meals throughout the week.

  1. NAS (Network Attached Storage) server is a computer with primary purpose of storing data, accessible over network. ↩︎