flowers by sidewalk

bottled homebrew kyōto-style cold drip coffee

Glass bottles with reusable cap / stopper containing coffee with milk.

Bought some soft drinks and it came with a really nice glass bottle, so I started bottling the kyōto-style cold drip coffee with oat milk.

did you read the comment?

NixOS configuration with 6 lines of comment, informing readers that the following line should _not_ be modified in most cases. On the exact line of code, there is inline comment appended: 'Did you read the comment?'

lowest rate first

Hotel pricing page claiming to show lowest price first, but actually putting highest priced option first.

trash talk in 48 languages

Google Pixel billboard ad promoting Live Translate with 'trash talk in 48 languages.

kyōto-style cold drip coffee

Assembled stack of kyoto-style cold drip coffee using Hario V60 brewer.
Bottom view of plastic bowl with holes.

I am somehow in possession of these thin, but otherwise okay plastic bowls. Quite plenty of them.

Instead of being wasteful and throwing them out after single-use, I decided to have fun and play some arts and crafts with it. Not too shabby, I think. Likely I will add paper filter on top of the coffee bed for better water distribution next time.

halal guys chicken platter at home

Plate of greens with yellow rice and grilled chicken

los angeles customers are built different

Coffee shop cashier register with a sign: 'Please finish all phone conversations before placing your order, thanks!'

tsujita tsukemen

White bowl of tsukemen noodles and charsiu toppings.