Wilson E. Husin

A new theme for 2023

December 3, 2022 (UTC)

For a while, I was using Terminal theme for Hugo. I liked the monospace theme for its simplicity, but after a while I realized it’s not really web reader-friendly and I began to dread the look.

One day, Hugo refuses to compile on that site and theme. I thought it was strange, but that became a forcing function for me to rework the site.

Today, I found new.css from sw-yx/spark-joy on GitHub. The style fits what I want!

In the recent years, I have grown a liking to TailwindCSS for its utility-first approach, which works well with the way I think. To make TailwindCSS work, the base CSS asset clears out any default styling (e.g. <h1> will not have any visual difference compared to <h2>). However, new.css is quite the opposite of that — it stylizes the HTML elements directly, such that classes are not necessary to be used.

I took a bit of creative license to for increased readability and contrast, especially in dark mode.

Would you be interested in this theme? If so, let me know and I can find some time to extract it as a modular theme.