We were in Los Angeles earlier this month. While I did not get as much tacos as I wanted, I did get a beautiful bowl of Tsukemen from Tsujita. Absolutely lovely.

I still cook a lot, which at this point does not really come as news to anyone. Personal favorite from the last month is Halal Guys chicken platter. My confession is that I have only eaten lamb and steak at Halal Guys, so I can’t honestly compare between what I made and the original.

bindl: it’s public!

After writing out last month’s update, I practically worked on Bindl most of the time I was on my computer. The project is finally public on

Since then, I have started a few other projects which uses Bindl as a dependency manager. The exercise of using-your-own tools led me to building Bindl Action and a bootstrap script.

Still far from perfect, and certainly lots of improvements to be made. I have reached out to several people over personal message to tell them about it, but I don’t think it has rang much excitement. At least I know this is already making one person happy in this world: me. If you’d like to increase that number, I would love for you to be my guest and let me know what you think!


In some of my Go projects, I used a custom module import URL (e.g. and The hosting management for those URLs had moved twice: hacky Jekyll redirects on GitHub Pages and a deployed GoogleCloudPlatform/govanityurls instance on Fly.

For the most part, it has been nearly zero maintenance, except that every new project / redirect rule, I would have to redeploy. Sure, it wasn’t much of hassle with automation from GitHub Actions, but it’s still another thing to worry about.

Well, how hard would it be to write it myself that it auto-discovers new repositories?

It turned out to be a quite fun day hack and it’s live now. This project replaced “commit every new repository” activity with “polling GitHub every hour”. You too can use vanity URLs with minimal configurations now!

thoughtful online presence

For the last few months years, I have been on and off blogging while also moving from different tools and engines. I also started accumulating a list of domains for “projects” which only half of them ever made itself out.

With Twitter’s recent acquisition event as a forcing function, I have finally decided to consolidate everything to one site: the one you are looking at now. I believe I have also made all previous domains redirect to, so let me know if you find one that is still lost.

I have deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts a while back. While I’m likely going to keep my Twitter account “clickable”, I foresee myself losing interest in the near future as the people I care to read on Twitter are leaving the platform.

And so everything goes down to this site. I’m looking forward to posting more stories in pictures and words here.

I do not aim to write reference-quality content like Dan Luu, Julia Evans, or Avery Pennarun (all of which I am a fan of). Not saying never, just that it’s out of scope to put the goal on “writing something useful”.

For now, I aim to “write more mundane things” — something I wish my friends would also do, as I would love to read their words and have a reason to break the cycle of silence with talking about their new coffee brewing routine or maybe even laundry detergent. Let me know if you’d like to join me!