making ragù and pasta

I made a lot of pasta this month. For the most part, I’m giving credit to Kenji’s video on Ragù Bolognese which led me to make it for the first time early March. It was a lot of effort cutting and prepping the ingredients, but most of the cooking was just in the background simmering. I also froze them using ice cube trays and just pop several to cook them during weekdays, tasty in 10 minutes!

poking coffee clumps

I have been making espresso for a while now. At the pursuit of flavor, espresso making involves a lot of preparation for the coffee grounds before pressurized water go through. Conveniently, James Hoffmann made a video on this topic recently, which to my surprise is quite close to what I do every day. Modern espresso is strange.

Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) tool, where the idea is to use acupuncture needles to break up clumps in espresso puck preparation.

Anyhow, this is a distribution tool I found on Etsy. The whole point (hah) is to break up coffee ground clumps into smooth powder such that water can flow evenly through the puck. The concept isn’t new per se — people have been making these tools with 3D printer for a while. But most of them have a conic-shape, which increases the cost of shipping, ultimately putting the prices around $20-$30. This new design was created with eliminating that cost in mind, such that it can be shipped in an envelope. Brilliant idea.

please stand clear of the doors

Have you ever seen a picture of a city where you live in and thought, “wow, this looks like a dream, I want to be there”? I’m lucky to experience that a lot, thanks to Vallery Lancey. She takes beautiful pictures of San Francisco, often through transit.

BART is my first choice of travel strategy to San Francisco and East Bay. Sometimes Muni buses in San Francisco, if not walking all the way (despite the hills, San Francisco is quite convenient to walk everywhere). That said, I took the first ride of Muni Metro Light Rail (LRV) in March — they are very pleasant! The last time I rode something similar was the Kansas City Streetcar. I’m lucky that some evenings, I would see pictures from Vallery and I can just go experience it.

little luca? BEEG BEEG LUCA!

There is a nearby sandwich shop called Little Luca which often has a long line whenever I pass by. Recently I went to get one and try it out for myself. I got a tri-tip special sandwich on dutch crunch bread. They taste great and honestly even better the next day as the sauce makes its way through the bread and the bread gets reheated in air fryer / convection oven. I don’t know who this little guy is, but sure seems like they have big mouth and belly.

Side view of tri-tip special sandwich from Little Luca. Cross-section of tri-tip special sandwich from Little Luca.


I have been working on a project to manage binaries for a few weeks now. There are still some work to be done before it’s published publicly, but I think this 3 minute video gives a reasonable idea of what this product experience can / should be. Some updates have been made since then, though the significant part is I would like to share the maintenance post-launch with a community. I thought I’m “a few days away to launching” but I guess time is very elastic when your day isn’t on a 9-5 schedule. Hopefully soon!